• Framed Special Letter Art

    It is sure that people want to give the best decoration in every room in the house. There must be many options of home decoration which people can choose for building the room which is suitable with the expected design. The most important thing which people should make sure from their room is for expressing their personality from the home decoration. It can mean that people should also consider about the decorative piece which is personalized. For many people, letter art actually becomes great method for adding more personalization in their home decoration. The letter art which is used can be in initial form but it can also be full name. This method will never fail to give the personal expression in their home.

    However, just using the common letter art for their home will not be special. Maybe some people choose to apply wall decal with their name or initial. However, wall decal sometimes will be troublesome for installing and removing it. If people are looking for the special method for adding the personalization on letter art form, people can consider using the framed letter art. People will not just find the common letter art which is displayed in frame of course because they will be able to find letter picture art which can make their home decoration personal and special.

    Instead of using the common letter for creating art, people can find further value of art from the framed piece because it is made from the picture which has the shape of certain letter. It means that people can display their name in the frame with the picture which makes everything more interesting and attractive. It can be just simple home decoration for the bedroom but actually it can be great idea as gift for someone who is special

  • Black Theme for Art and Gift

    Equality sounds like something which is pretty common in the modern world because people no longer see other people from the race. They will see other people from the productivity or achievement in their life. With the support from the technology, it seems like people are able to open their mind further about other things which are more interesting than the race matter. Nevertheless, there are still some conditions which make equality hard to achieve. For example, racist attitude can still be found in many places in the United States of America and other part of the world. It does not mean that people have to create a war for getting equality. There are still other methods which can be taken including from creativity.

    Creativity surely is unlimited and people are able to express their mind including about equality through their creativity instead of the weapon power. In this circumstance, people will find great offer of art and gift which is created with the black people theme. There are various products which can be found including African American puzzles. Puzzles become fun game which can be played by anyone at any age range from kids to adults. It does not mean that only black people who can buy this product because anyone can buy it for roaring about equality in gentle and smart way.

    When people play puzzle for instance, they will be able to get used to the black people through the game and it can bring the spirit of equality. One thing for sure, people can find that the theme of black people can create very excellent art and gift which people should not underestimate. People will be able to find deep meaning from the art and gift product. It is not only about the product with black people

  • Unique Glass Art

    Glass material is not a strange material at all for modern human being and we can make sure that every household will have the glass piece in their home. The glass piece usually can be found in the kitchen. It will be used as dining utensils for instance. Nevertheless, people can also find the glass product which has more aesthetic function and it can be found a lot in the living room for instance. Of course it does not mean that the functional glass product can only be found in the kitchen while the aesthetic glass product can only be found in the living room.

    One thing for sure, people can make sure that glass can be a great material for creating art. Art product can be made from various kinds of material and people will find super unique glass art. The unique aspect cannot only be found from the beautiful pattern which can be found from the result but it can also be seen from the process for creating the glass art which is very amusing. When seeing the fused glass bowls with unique color and pattern, people cannot imagine how amusing the process for creating this product.

    There are some aspects which can be found from the glass art. The fused glass comes with the magical alchemy which is necessary for creating very unique glass art. People will also be able to find the glass art which has the color and texture that come alive. The process for creating the glass product is amusing but the amusement can also be found when people seeing the glass art product. It is not only amusing for sure because people can get the glass art product which is beautiful. It means that people will be able to find various products from glass

  • 5 Reasons to Use Animation to Reach Younger Audiences

    As an advertiser, you know the importance of capturing your target audience’s attention with appealing and relevant ads. For years, static ads have been good enough to do just this. However, in today’s market, animated ads offer an exciting and effective way to garner you the kind of customer attention you need to successfully grow your company, especially if you wish to target younger audiences. Following are a few of the reasons that using animation to reach younger audiences is the smart move to make.

    Animated Ads Are Engaging

    Part of the reason that animated ads are an effective way to reach younger audiences is that they are by their very nature more engaging than static ads. For instance, they tend to be more unique than static ads, and therefore more likely to grab your audience’s attention.

    In addition, people are hardwired to respond to movement. As a result, the activity in animated ads draws the consumer’s attention away from whatever they are doing and focus it on your company’s message.

    Finally, animation advertising is an engaging way to communicate your brand because it allows you to create appealing characters and worlds that draw the viewer in and give them a positive impression of your brand. Mascots such as Manny Mo and Jack from Pep Boys put a friendly face on a business that will make young consumers more likely to trust that business. Once drawn to these characters and worlds, your target audience will be more likely to respond to your brand, giving you more customers than you could have achieved with more traditional ads.

    Animated Ads Are Easy To Understand

    The goal of any advertisement is to communicate the company’s message to the consumer. Today’s young people tend to have shorter attention spans and, therefore, need advertisements that are concise and easy to

  • Book Cover Designer

    The book cover designer designs the cover of the book which is very important. Getting the right book cover is like winning half the battle. Your story may be about any subject in this world and it may be the best story but if its book cover does not excite the onlookers in the book store or internet, then there is no point. The only thing a new reader will notice about your book is the book cover. If he/she likes it, then the person will bother to open it further.

    What are important things to keep in mind while designing the book cover? The most important thing is, no matter what, it should be very good looking. Other important factors are that it should be closely related to the theme of the book and there must be a connect between the story and the cover page. The designer must be able to understand what kind of designing is required. The illustration/cover page illustration/picture used should be one of the scenes from the story and should be presented in such a fashion that it generates a lot of interest.

    As an Author, you must convey your priorities to the illustrator /designer. Your idea must be conveyed very clearly and you should be open to new suggestions from the illustrator who is creating the cover page illustration. You should show the rough draft to your close friends who have an eye for details or you can also show it to random people for their ideas and suggestions. It really helps as you get very true feedback. If the need be, ask the illustrator to change it completely or make suitable changes.

    One more suggestion is to look for a variety of book covers available on the internet and understand various types of covers

  • 4 Important Tips For Staying Safe While Learning How To Draw Graffiti

    There are millions of admirers of street art today. You may be one of them. Learning how to draw graffiti is on the bucket list of many, and that’s something that is grand. However, you can’t just go and buy some spray paint and get really good at this. You’ll need to look at how to learn properly, and how to stay safe while doing this. In many areas, including major metropolitan cities, this is an illegal thing to do in public. Furthermore, if you get caught illegally doing anything, you will get fined and in some instances go to jail. It’s best not to go that route, which is why these 4 important tips will help you stay safe while you learn this art form.

    Don’t Do Anything Illegal

    The first tip that you can go with is simple, don’t do anything that is illegal. This may be hard to swallow for some rogue artists out there, but it’s important. Don’t trespass, don’t steal anything, and don’t start drawing on any walls without the explicit permission of the owner of the property. If they have commissioned you to do something, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, don’t do anything that is going to be illegal, even if there’s a “grey area”.

    Learn At Your Own Pace

    When it comes to learning graffiti, the temptation is to learn as fast as possible by any means necessary. That is not a good way to learn. You’re going to end up missing out on valuable foundational lessons that require time to pick up. It’s for that reason that you should take your time, and slowly progress through basic art and design before you start picking up spray paint cans and going to town with them.

    Enroll In A Drawing Class

    Perhaps the

  • Why Arcades Are Not Just for Kids

    Thinking of arcades can bring back fond memories for many of us. If you were around for the 80s, the word might bring back pixelated and knobby video games, or maybe a giant grey rat (or is it a mouse?) named Chuck for 90s kids. No matter what generation you’re from, chances are your inner kid is dying to get your hands on some form of nostalgic entertainment. You’re in luck! Arcades are making a comeback. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed visiting one when they pop up in your neck of the woods.

    You Won’t Be the Only Adult

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. Why do we resist the urge to jump into giant ball pits in the fun areas of fast food restaurants? Because we’re afraid of scrutiny from our fellow adults of course! The joy of an arcade is its ability to bring everyone together. You can challenge your adult friend to a friendly game of foosball or teach your own children how to play. You’ll be able to explain to any youngsters in the area just who Q*bert is by trying to attain your previous score from your childhood arcade. Let’s face it – who can resist the pull of Galaga?

    8-Bit is In

    You fondly remember the tiny pixels that came together to create the most wonderful shapes – cherries, ghosts, spaceships, trees, fighters, animals, racecars. Today’s video games have incredible high definition, so much so that you sometimes can’t distinguish the detailed background from the characters you’re supposed to play as or the enemies you’re supposed to fight. Some classic games and systems are starting to be revived, so kids today are able to have an idea of the joys that video games used to be. Peruse a handmade crafts website and you’ll find 8-bit jewellery, wall

  • The Parts of Mounted Picture Frames

    Picture frames are a lovely addition to any space. They enhance the quality of room as well as displaying a special picture or personal item. At first glance, they seem simple, just a wooden outline and a piece of glass. Good picture frames are actually complex pieces of equipment with many layers that work together to better display your photograph and protect it from several environmental pollutants. Here is a breakdown of all of the major parts:


    This is the outermost part. It is made of four pieces. The top piece is called the head, the bottom is the sill, and the two outside pieces are known as jambs. The head, sill, and jambs can all be made of wood, plastic, metal, or various other materials, as well as an abundance of colors, in order to enhance your photo or tie in qualities of the room in which it is displayed.


    This is the small groove or grooves that run along the head, sill, and jambs. Depending on the level of ornamentation of your mount, this can be a straight groove or a highly-carved, embellished groove.


    This glass, plastic, or acrylic cover protects your personal item while still allowing you to see it. Glazing keeps moisture, dirt, temperature changes, pollutants, and fingers from coming into contact with your art. Glazing also controls the amount of UV radiation affecting your artwork, preventing it from becoming sun damaged or gradually fading. The paper or materials used to make your artwork will dictate the amount of UV protection needed.

    Window Mat

    This item is made of high-quality paper or cardboard that lines the photo and attaches it to the back mat. It is important that the material used to make it is acid-free, so as not to damage your artwork over time. This can also be customized

  • 4 Advantages of Canvas Prints

    If you don’t know about canvas prints, then you are in for a visual treat. These are beautiful images on canvas. You can exhibit these in your living room, drawing room or bedroom. With an intention to reproduce the original oil painting or acrylic painting these look breathtaking. Photographs can be easily transferred onto the canvas using a specialized press. While you can do this as a DIY project, it is better to hand over this project to a professional for the best outcome.

    Great option

    Canvas is great option for an enhanced interior décor appearance, especially if you are on a budget and want a great look. It is a superior option to traditional frames and modern photo mounting in large frames. The canvas prints cost almost 50% less and, if you are on the email list of any of these companies, you can be certain of getting one or another discount coupon thereby getting an additional deal. The fact that these are less prone to damage and are less labour intensive makes them all the more popular and price competitive.

    Advantages of canvas prints

    These look beautiful and resemble an artistic painting. These have many advantages compared to traditional printing. Some of these advantages are:

    1. Very durable: This is perhaps the most important advantage. Canvas is sturdy and lasts for generations without the print quality diminishing. Remember that the paintings in art galleries and museums have been around for hundreds of years and still look great.

    2. Three dimensional painting: Traditional photos look flat in a frame, but with new technology canvas prints impart a three dimensional look. This is interesting, as both an amateur photographer and a professional photographer can take advantage of this and get beautiful prints from their ordinary photos. If you want to further enhance their look, you

  • The Role Of The Acting Teacher

    The acting teacher has a variety of responsibilities that have to be addressed if the students are to receive professional training.

    First and foremost, the teacher must have a consummate knowledge of their craft, and the ability to impart that knowledge clearly and concisely. This is more difficult than one might imagine. In music for example the musician has an instrument on which to practice their, rudiments, scales, charts, etc. The instrument is tangible. This is not so for the actor, for the actor IS the instrument. The actor works with actions, and specific behavior as a means of authenticating emotional truth. They must learn to inhabit the world of the character, and to bring the writer’s words to life by executing their actions fully. They must understand the wants and needs of the character on a personal level and learn to bring all of themselves/their life’s experience to the work. Generating real emotion using their creative imagination and “working off” the other person to create urgency as suggested by the script is imperative. Guidance and corrective feedback have to be provided in a professional manner or the students will not be able to move forward in their training.

    The teacher’s role transcends knowledge of their craft as they have to learn to balance corrective criticism with support and encouragement. This balance between praise and criticism is essential. A disparity between one or the other can erode the confidence of the student.

    Good teachers love their students and embrace their accomplishments. They understand that their main goal is to provide the student with a strong foundation that will contribute to their growth. They do not try to take credit for the student’s talent. Rather they nurture and feed that talent so that the student can reach their full potential. They do not

  • 7 Ways To Make Use Of Your Time Backstage and Book More Burlesque Gigs

    7 ways to make use of your time backstage and get rebooked for a Burlesque Gig

    Making the most of your time backstage before a show, can lead to more bookings not just at that show but at other shows.

      • Steer clear of gossip – When the gossip starts to flow, tune out. You can try changing the subject or ask if your friend can tell you the dirt after the performance.
      • Ditch negative attitudes – Don’t spend all of your backstage time bitching about everything that went wrong that day. It’s a huge time waster. It may be at the forefront of your mind, but your words of frustration may also be misconstrued by others.
      • It’s okay to be a diva, but not demanding – You can be goddess like, but know that you are not a god. You are not above anyone else backstage even if you are the headliner.
      • Be a Giver– Head backstage with the plan of giving: give compliments (only honest ones), give hugs, give laughs, give pastie tape if asked, and give advice if asked. When you give, you will receive something. The exchange can be an excellent use of your time.
      • Focus on the task at hand – Remember you are there to do a job. Focus on doing that job well. Every time I work with Apathy Angel or Essence Revealed, I’ll see them steal away from the group, pop in some headphones and go over their choreography. Take a moment to focus on your craft before hitting the stage.
      • Express how you enjoy being a part of the show via social media – This is not the same as taking selfies or tweeting about your new costume. A great selfie would include a message about the show. For example: “So glad to be back at The Glamour Show

  • The Road to Being a Professional Standup Comedian

    In comedy one of the worst things you can do is create a group of friends whom you only hang out with or do shows with.

    Because every time you do a show, you will always use the same people in your group.

    I have seen hundreds of good rooms get destroyed by new comedians who start a great open mic room. The first month, everything is great and the room is always packed. However, the following month they start losing people, and they can’t figure out why there is nobody in the room anymore or why the restaurant owner has become fed up and stopped the comedy.

    The number one room killer is comedy groups, in which the same people keep trying to tell the same old jokes. Perhaps they have gotten so comfortable that they don’t even care about writing funny material anymore; they get on stage and bullshit their way through their act and bore the audience.

    When starting a new room, I have learned to always make sure you get a lot of comedians involved. For instance, you can host the room and maybe rotate your friends to host.

    New comedians with new rooms, we love to host our rooms because it’s our room, but sometimes we forget to be original and write new jokes every week. When hosting a weekly room, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new material every week, and you don’t want your small fan base to memorize your whole routine. It’s not like you have a team that writes for you like nightly shows such as Jimmy Fallon or Trevor Noah.

    Once more, don’t have a group of friends that you only work with. As a new comedian, spread your wings and work with everyone. You never know who might point you in the right direction

  • The Overwhelming Benefits of Supporting the Performing Arts

    When budgets are cut in schools and communities, the first thing that takes a hit is the performing arts. While singing, dancing, and playing instruments might seem like a colossal waste of time to community leaders, they are some of the most important activities that you can have. If you are still on the fence, here are some reasons you should lend your support in your area.

    Strong Communities

    Performing arts are central to building a cohesive community. An area that has a vibrant community of music, dance, and drama allows kids to partake in things that are not just pop culture. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, communities that embrace the arts have higher child welfare, lower poverty, and higher civic engagement.

    Cultivating Creative Industries

    Creativity is an industry, and without performing arts, that industry cannot exist. In an analysis by Dun and Bradstreet, around 756,700 businesses in the United States are involved in the creation and distribution of art. These businesses employ nearly three million people, representing approximately 2.17 percent of the workforce and 4.14 percent of all businesses. These businesses include museums, films, theaters, and symphonies.

    Local organizations spend money within their community and are considered the cornerstones. It is estimated that consumers spend approximately $166 billion annually visiting museums, theaters, movies, and musical performances. These companies generate tax revenues of nearly $30 billion a year.

    Local Merchants Benefit

    When your communities have events like ballets, concerts, and plays, local merchants also benefit. Patrons spend an average of $27 on things like parking, babysitting, and meals the night of the event. If the attendees are non-local, meaning they live outside the area, they are likely to spend twice as much during their visit. This is a good thing for the local community.

    Academic Performance

    There is truth in the saying that those who

  • The Story of the Nutcracker Ballet

    The Nutcracker ballet originated from a fairytale written in 1816 by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann. Although this story was classified as a fairytale, the original plot was not written for children. Years later, Alexander Dumas rewrote the saga with youngsters in mind. Then, in 1892, Peter Tchaikovsky was asked to compose the music for the story. This was the beginning of the popular ballet that has become synonymous with the Christmas holidays.

    Act One

    The Nutcracker ballet opens in a quaint German village on Christmas Eve. Townspeople are bustling, getting ready to attend a party at the Stahlbaum home. The members of the Stahlbaum family and their servants are preparing for the holiday celebration. As guests arrive, the children, Clara and Fritz, enjoy mingling with their friends. Soon, Clara’s godfather, Herr Drosselmeier arrives. Drosselmeier is a local toymaker, and he comes bearing gifts. He passes around the China dolls for the girls and brass bugles for the boys. Fritz receives a charming drum, and Clara receives a beautiful nutcracker. Unfortunately, Fritz becomes jealous of his sister’s gift. He seizes it, and promptly breaks it. Drosselmeier saves the day by fixing the broken gift with a wave of his magic handkerchief.

    The party breaks up, and Clara fashions a bed for the nutcracker beneath the Christmas tree. After her family goes to bed, the girl sneaks down to check on her new toy one last time. She ends up falling asleep in the parlor with her toy clutched in her arms. At midnight, Clara awakens to startling events. It seems that she has shrunken to the size of her toys. An army of mice led by a menacing Mouse King is threatening the toys. The nutcracker gathers other soldiers and a battle ensues. At one point it seems that the Mouse King will prevail,